House Passes Testing Bill — Public Pressure Helps Create Change –but we are not finished yet The issue of over testing has been in the forefront of educators’ minds, especially over the past few weeks.  The increasing cry to reduce the number of tests is starting to be heard.

United Teachers of Dade delivered thousands of postcards to Florida Legislators during Spring Recess from teachers, parents, and community members expressing their frustration around testing.  On April 9th,

just hours after a press conference where UTD president Fedrick Ingram asked lawmakers to, “Do away with the FSA”, the House of Representatives passed HB7069 and immediately certified the bill to the Governor for his signature.

HB7069 makes changes to the impact of testing on teacher evaluations, and reduces the number of tests mandated by the state.  Ingram said, “It is clear that these changes were due to the ongoing pressure from stakeholders that could no longer be ignored.   Unfortunately, the changes do not go far enough to give our schools the level of relief that we need, but this is a start.”

Ingram added, “We now need to move our attention to the Governor.  He should sign this bill, but he needs to do more to make it right. Earlier this year he signed an executive order removing the testing requirement for 11th Grade.  We need him to expand that order and direct the Department of Education to drastically reduce the number of tests our schools are being forced to use.”

United Teachers of Dade sincerely thanks Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and Senator Dwight Bullard for hosting the April 9th press conference, for their undying support of educators and students, and for aiding in the fight against toxic testing.

President Ingram speaks at a press conference Regarding Testing HB7069- Click here<>

Press Conference on Testing – Click here<>



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